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twitter-logo-large1In the past two months, I’ve signed up for Twitter, dabbled in a few retweets and @ replies, and become completely hooked. Admittedly, I was originally very skeptical of the micro-blogging site. Status updates in only 140 characters? What could I possibly learn from someone in 140 characters? But once I started immersing myself in the Twitterverse, I quickly found that just as in any other aspect of life, as long as you find the right people to follow, you’re sure to find more engaging conversations than people talking about what they had for lunch that day (me: a peanut butter and jelly sandwich!) or how many loads of laundry they need to get done (me: three!).

One of the most interesting uses of Twitter that I’ve been recently exploring is its use as a job hunting site, particularly for the media sector. Created by the brains behind @themediaisdying, two of the most useful Twitterers for media professionals to follow are @themediaishirin (self-described as: “Helping laid off media employees find new work 140 characters at a time.”) and @themediaishuntn (“Helping the media back into the workforce 140 characters at a time.”) Through the “hirin” feed media jobs postings are listed, and through the “huntn” feed users looking for work can post mini-resumes.

Another interesting set of job feeds on Twitter is run by the website Jobfeedr, which claims to aggregate 20,000 jobs per day which it then delivers through Twitter by city and profession (ex. @jobs_NY_writing, @jobs_at_Mkt). Unfortunately there are no Canadian cities available as of yet, but they seem to be adding new cities every few months, so I would guess that Toronto is just around the corner. TweetMyJobs is another site that works in much the same way as Jobfeedr.

And one last job hunting tip before I go! A simple Twitter search can be a great way to browse the most recent jobs in various categories. Two of my favourites are #jobfeedr and #writingjobs — and one of the best things about the results you find when searching for #writingjobs is that many freelance positions can be completed no matter where you are in the world!

Have you used Twitter to hunt for jobs? Better yet, have you successfully landed a job through a Twitter find? Let us know in the comments, and happy hunting!