This post isn’t exactly commentary on the publishing industry, but rather an update on my own role within it.

bookshelfAs of May 1st, I am now the editorial intern at Quill & Quire and will hold this position until the end of August. I’ve been kept quite busy so far by blogging (three posts today, one yesterday, and my first one on Friday) and writing some short round-ups of awards and bestsellers for the subscription-only section of their site, Q&Q Omni. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to write for the print magazine as well, and I have a few ideas of other new jobs to create for myself here which I will divulge more on as they happen.

When I’m not busy writing (or proofing, because I’m doing a lot of that, too!), I’m busy reading. In order to keep myself well-versed in the happenings of the industry, my Google Reader account now keeps track of 17 book blogs. On a slow day, I’ll likely get the chance to read most of these blog’s daily posts. On a hectic day, I’ll be lucky if I get to skim-read half of them! It’s exciting though, for me, that reading and writing about books all day is now my job.

For those of you interested in adding a few more book blogs to your own RSS reader, two of my newest faves are the L.A. TimesJacket Copy (which posted today the above photo of Spanish designer Jordi Milla’s amazing Wisdom Tree bookshelf) and MediaBistro‘s Galley Cat. Happy reading!