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Some of the Books, Etc. ladies (L to R: Jen, Jenna, Kendra, Chantal, me, Bonita)

Today on the CBC Books site, blogger Julie Wilson (@BookMadam) interviews me about my book club, Books, Etc. Julie asked some great questions about our club and I had tons of fun answering them. I love hearing about other book clubs and why people join them, so I really enjoyed sharing my own insight on that. One of my favourite parts, where I talk about what I get most from my book club, is below:

Q: What do you get most from your book club?

A: Aside from great discussions with great friends, what I love most is the opportunity to read books that I might otherwise never have chosen for myself. Many of us have very different tastes from each other, and I thrill at the opportunity to be forced outside my comfort zone. For example, Push is a stream-of-consciousness novel narrated by a 16-year-old illiterate girl from Harlem who has been repeatedly raped (and twice impregnated) by her father, and physically and mentally abused by her mother. That description alone would usually scare me out of reading the book, but it was very powerful.

Read the full interview here. Thanks again, Julie!