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Cinderella Castle in Technicolor

As I try to breathe some new life into this blog (First step: redesign! I’m loving my new theme, and I hope you all do, too!), I’ve been trying to open my mind to new things that I might want to write about here and share with the world. One thing I’m always in search of, both online and off, are things that make me smile. I’m the kind of person that can easily let stress and worries get the best of me, so one of the ways I keep that under control is by focusing on finding things that make me smile, no matter how big or how small. To help spread some more happiness out into the world, I thought I’d start a regular blog feature where I can share things that “made me smile”, and I hope that they’ll help add some more smiles to your day, too.

For my inaugural “made me smile” post, I wanted to share my new favourite YouTube video meme, what I’m calling “The Disney Surprise”. Apparently there are tons of videos on YouTube featuring parents surprising their kids with trips to either Walt Disney World or Disneyland. Most of these videos feature the parents telling the kids about the trip at home on the day they’re leaving, in the car on the way to the airport, or, in one of them, as they’re driving through the Walt Disney World gates. The sheer joy on these kids’ faces and their often priceless reactions make me smile so hard, and I want to share my top 3 favourites with you:

1. Lily’s Disneyland Surprise

Lily’s video was the first of these videos that I watched, and it not only made me smile, but it made me cry a bit, too. Lily’s reaction once she figures out her big birthday surprise is incredibly sweet and heartwarming.

2. Best Disney Surprise EVER!!!!!

The girl in this one is cute, but the boy is the BEST. Again, I love how he reacts when he figures it out. Priceless.

3. A Disney World Surprise

“You HAVE to be kidding!” I love this one because the kids pretty much refuse to believe their parents are telling the truth. So cute.

BONUS: Jamin’s Downtown Disney Flashmob Proposal

And this one’s a bonus because it’s just so adorable and sweet and totally made me smile (and cry, I’ll admit it!), even though it’s not part of “The Disney Surprise” meme. A flashmob dance + Disney + a cute proposal = win.

Tell me: What made you smile this week? Share something that made you smile in the comments!

Photo: Cinderella Castle in Technicolor by Peter E. Lee on Flickr