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A few days ago I returned home after an amazing two-week trip to Alberta. The entire vacation was filled with “made me smile” moments, and I might share more of those in future posts.

On the second last day of my trip, my best friend and I spent the afternoon in Canmore, one of the most lovely little towns I’ve ever visited. Every which way you turn you’re surrounded by mountains. It’s truly magical. So while my friend and I were browsing through some cute gift shops, I noticed the most smile-worthy little notebook, pictured below:


It’s hard not to smile when reading a list of so many perfect things. Many of the items on this notebook would be on my happy list, too, but one run of five in a row particularly jumped out at me: ice cream sundaes, a good book, a cup of tea, a bubble bath, blue skies.

So I’m cheating and picking those five things…but still, I ask you: What is the one thing you think of that always makes you smile?