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Cape Cod postcard

Those of you who know me well, likely know that I love postcards. What you might not have realized yet, however, is that I really like to start new blogs. It’s a bit of a strange habit, considering that so many people have trouble keeping up one blog, let alone multiple ones. But as I said to a friend recently, I often think of things in terms of “how can I put this on the internet”, so running several blogs makes sense for me.

But back to the postcards. This love was definitely fostered at a young age as my parents are avid postcard collectors, as well. For as long as I can remember, my parents’ fridge has been covered in postcards sent by family and friends on trips all around the world. So, naturally, I’ve begun to collect postcards on my own fridge, and now that my parents are retired, the majority of the cards I receive actually end up being from them! So since I’m fortunate enough to have a rather solid archive of postcards (and since I like to think about how I can put things on the internet), I recently decided to photograph my postcard collection and post them online, through a new blog I’ve called Picturing Postcards. In addition to posting the photos and a brief bit of information about who sent the postcard and where it’s from, I’m also adding each card to a public Google Map so that we can see where all my postcards have come from. I’ve only posted six cards so far, but the map is already looking really cool, if I may say so myself.

Currently I’m planning to post at least two new postcards a week – I’m hoping that once I finish cataloguing my archives, I’ll still be receiving enough new ones in the mail to maintain that schedule! And if you’re going a trip, why don’t you send me a postcard? Friends, don’t forget to email me and ask for my address!