Below is just a small sample of my writing for both print and online from over the past five years. My topic specialties include entertainment news and reviews (especially in the areas of books, TV, music, and movies), lifestyle/culture articles, and profiles.

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Quill & Quire
International fall preview
(Quill & Quire, July/August 2009) [pdf]
Is literary translation a dying art?
(Quill & Quire, September 2009) [pdf]
How to Raise a Boyfriend and The Lucky Sperm Club book review
(Quill & Quire, April 2011) [link]
Highly Inappropriate Tales for Young People book review
(Quill & Quire, December 2011) [link]
Happiness Economics book review
(Quill & Quire, September 2011) [link]
Paulina P. (for Petersen) book review
(Quill & Quire, October 2009) [link]
Guernica, OAC at odds over funding
(Q&Q Omni, August 14, 2009) [link] [pdf]
Litmag editors scramble for alternate funding

(Q&Q Omni, August 11, 2009) [link] [pdf]
Moritz, Wright win Griffins

(Q&Q Omni, June 5, 2009) [link] [pdf]
TDSB clarifies book-ban “miscommunication”

(Q&Q Omni, July 21, 2009) [link] [pdf]

Applied Arts
Get Excited and Make Things: Lessons from the eat:Strategy conference
(Applied Arts Wire, July 22, 2011) [link]
Starbucks unveils new logo, now with less “coffee”
(Applied Arts Wire, January 5, 2011) [link]
Rethink helps launch new Toronto magazine, The Grid, with city-wide art project
(Applied Arts Wire, June 2, 2011) [link]
Discussing the Canadian Olympic Committee’s new brand identity – join the conversation!
(Applied Arts Wire, June 20, 2011) [link]

TNQ celebrates 100 issues
(Imprint, October 27, 2006) [link] [pdf]
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows book review
(Imprint, July 27, 2007) [link] [pdf]
Vagina Monologues slams into glass walls
(Imprint, February 9, 2007) [link] [pdf]
Ontario Community Newspapers Association Better Newspaper Award in Student News Writing, Honourable Mention, 2007

The Canadian Encyclopedia
Zoe Whittall biography
(The Canadian Encyclopedia, January 2011) [link]
Cordelia Strube biography
(The Canadian Encyclopedia, February 2011) [link]
Ami McKay biography
(The Canadian Encyclopedia, May 2011) [link]
Camilla Gibb biography
(The Canadian Encyclopedia, June 2011) [link]
Sara Gruen biography
(The Canadian Encyclopedia, September 2011) [link]
Sarah Selecky biography
(The Canadian Encyclopedia, October 2011) [link]

Dough for it
(Sweetspot, December 29, 2009) [link]
Dietary Delight
(Sweetspot, June 4, 2010) [link]

Favourite blog posts from this very blog
Proud to be a Toronto-Danforth resident: My memories of Jack Layton
(August 27, 2011) [link]
Happy Ada Lovelace Day: Celebrating my fictional heroines, Meg Murry and Hermione Granger
(October 10, 2011) [link]
Help save the Toronto Public Library!
(July 21, 2011) [link]

Other creative ventures

In my spare time I maintain a blog devoted to the hit TV show Glee: Gleeks United. I also own a photoblog dedicated to the art of bathroom graffiti: Stall Wall Poetry.

I created a series of book club discussion questions for Chantel Simmons’ upcoming novel Love Struck, to be published by Key Porter Books in February 2010: Love Struck Book Club Discussion Questions.

I laid out and organized the content for Imprint’s special pull-out section for the Federation of Students Election 2007 as part of my duties as news editor at Imprint Publications: Federation of Students Election 2007 – Special Pull-out Section [pdf].

In my fourth year at the University of Waterloo, I completed a creative semiotic analysis of Apple’s “Get a Mac” advertising campaign for my Introduction to Semiotics course: Mac vs PC analysis [pdf].

Also in my fourth year at UW, I created a literary journal as my final project for my Contemporary Canadian Literature course: The Terpstra Review [pdf].